Light Meters On Your iPhone?

Pocket Light Meter

Could it really be as simple as downloading an app?

Well apparently so, there are two light meters available on iTunes: Pocket Light Meter (Free) and Cine Meter ($4.99).



Cine Meter

But do they actually work?                                                                             

Ryan E. Walters tests both apps and puts them up against the Sekonic 758Cine ($822); the Sekonic 478D with Spot attachment ($498 total), this is the meter that I use; and the internal meter of the Canon 60D ($1,199).

Read the full review here


Then there’s Luxi: an adapter that adds a diffusion dome to your iPhone. For more info check out the kickstarter campaign here

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  1. Very interesting. Nice blog — I’ll be back…

    • Michael,

      Thank you, I appreciate it. I’m just getting started with the blog, trying to build an online resource for the students in the lighting class at Riverside City College.

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